Chronic Diseases Management Program


  1. Educate patients about the role of nutrition and physical activity in chronic disease management.
  2. Use the coming 12 weeks to shape patients’ food and lifestyle habits.
  3. Provide a forum for engaging patients to talk about personal experiences in order to help and learn from others in the group.
  4. Address the fears related to contracting Corona Virus through providing a forum where people can feel empowered to better manage chronic illnesses.

Rules of the WhatsApp group

  • Respect each other; we are all at a different stage of taking control and managing chronic illnesses.
  • Only share your personal experience; not anyone else’s.
  • Only share your personal experience; not anyone else’s.
  • We will not tolerate any insults and berating comments.
  • Do not share any nude or pornographic material in this group.
  • Sharing is part of learning, please contribute as much as you can to the knowledge in this group.

We have selected key subject areas that we will all discuss and apply into our lives for the coming 10 weeks. These topics seek to educate the patients on key aspects about the disease such as: the role played by Medication, Good Nutrition, Physical activity as well as understanding their different body measurements, the use or abuse of supplements, and applying other beneficial lifestyle habits in their everyday lives.

Enroll Now

Do you have a link to the Whatsapp Group? Please send a message to +254110008139 to be added. The groups are gender specific; our lessons are designed differently for men and women.